4 Very Good

Jurassic World (English)

I was surprised to hear this movie was coming to the big screen considering how disappointing the last outing Jurassic Park 3 was. My recommendation is that if you haven't seen any of the original 3 movies (unlikely but possible ?) don't be tempted to now, watch this and it will be all the more enjoyable, well they say ignorance is bliss ! Of course you probably have seen the original and best film from 1993 and even the still very enjoyable JP2 of 1997 which this film compares favourably to. It is leaps and bounds better than JP3 of 2001 which was inevitable because that film was scraping the barrel for ideas. The CGI has improved quite a bit and that is where the money has been spent I guess (another £100 000 000 film !) with the added bonus of 3D which I thought was really good. OK the story is obviously predictable , we aren't expecting all the dinosaurs to stay in their pens and behave themselves are we !? The newish ideas come in the form that we have trained the dinos to be more entertaining a bit like sea-world and for that extra wow factor that is of course needed we have a new chimera of a dinosaur in Indominus-rex a real badass monster who inevitably runs amok. There are some funny and romantic moments dropped in here and there and of course the baddies in the background with their own agendas for the dinosaurs. Chris Pratt shows us again how entertaining he can be as the action hero and will obviously be doing more comedy action in future. BD Wong is again the scientist from the original 1993 film, it would have been nice to see Sam Neil but you can't have everything ,maybe JP3 scared him or should I say scarred him ? Anyway ,if you want to see an action packed entertaining big blockbuster of a movie go and see Mad Max Fury Road, if you want to see an entertaining action movie about dinosaurs , Jurassic World is a good option.