2.5 Good

Jurassic World (English)

Ever saw those monster movies on Syfy channel? You know, the ones with the 2 dimensional characters. That have poor dialogue and horrible special effects. Well that's Jurassic World, with exception of the sfx.

Jurassic World looks expensive, has some fantastic shots but unfortunately nobody seemed to care about writing interesting characters or story lines. And if the characters are so badly written it's not surprisingly that the actor's deliver poor work.

Yes, the movie has a few funny moments but the entire cast is uninteresting, shallow and predictable. Basically just like the storyline.

I had some expectations for this movie but I have to say that the 14 minutes of dino's in Jurassic Park had more impact on me than the 5 best minutes of Jurassic World. I expected this to be the best of the franchise after the original. But in the end it turned out to be almost as bad as JP 3