3 Good

Jurassic World (English)

Make no mistake this movie isn't bad. The movie does have great CGI and really amazing action sequences. Great atmosphere at times especially before the carnage unleashed by the I-Rex.

But it lacked a good plot, almost little to no character development; has a very predictable story-line, and the dialogues too fell flat at times.

***Spoiler*** Personally, what had disappointed me most was: 1. the changing of allegiances at the flip of a switch by the raptors. They change sides 4 times in a 24 hr time-span! (anti-human, pro human hunting the I-Rex, with the I-Rex n anti human, with Pratt n anti I-Rex). Really?! Even politicians don't flip-flop so much so quickly! 2. The ending, it could have been much more intelligent rather than having a tag-team or a handicap match between dinosaurs who just 'bid goodbye' after beating their foe. Seriously!! The T-Rex and "Blue" the raptor nod in acknowledgement and part ways after beating the I-Rex (special thanks to the Mosasaur). Surely they could have come up with something better! Even the exchange between Pratt n "Blue" at the end, what was that about?!. To me the ending felt like a Spaghetti Western- esque parting of ways by the remaining anti-heroes after a Mexican Standoff, but in this case you had two dinos and a human. The whole thing is so Absurd !!!! *********

More of a 'rinse-repeat' of the first one, just with a different setting, a different antagonist (the I-Rex) and some really good action sequences.

It will keep you entertained but at the same time will make you feel like something is missing.

Better than Jurassic Park 3. Nowhere near the quality of the first one in the franchise: Jurassic Park.