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Can a film ever make it to the top when the producer and director part ways? And the hero disowns the film? In the past, when Rajendra Kumar and Rahul Rawail parted ways, everyone thought that the Jubilee Kumar's son's (Kumar Gaurav) career would never take off. But LOVE STORY created history and the success of the film silenced all its detractors who were out to pull the film down.

Is JUNG complete? Has Sanjay Dutt dubbed for his portions or has a dubbing artiste done an excellent job? One look at JUNG and all doubts in our mind were put to rest. The film is not a classic, but a decent attempt to present something different. Also, the film is NOT INCOMPLETE, as alleged!

Satish Tandon Productions' JUNG tells the story of Inspector Veer (Jackie Shroff) and his wife Naina (Raveena Tandon). Their life comes to a standstill when they learn that their only son, Sahil, is suffering from blood cancer. The couple's only hope is a bone marrow transplant and after a massive search, it is learnt that Sahil's marrow matches with that of a cold-blooded murderer, Balli (Sanjay Dutt). Balli is the same killer who had been nabbed by Inspector Veer and is now serving a sentence in the jail. When Balli learns of Sahil's plight, he refuses to give his consent for the operation, but when Naina begs for her son's life, he relents. The scheming Balli hatches a plot whereby he flees from the operation theatre and lands up in his girl-friend Tara's (Shilpa Shetty) arms. The Commissioner hands over the case to Inspector Khan (Aditya Panscholi) and instructs him to shoot Balli at pointblank range, rather than arresting him. In the end, Balli has a change of heart after Tara coaxes him to go in for the operation to save the life of Veer's child.

As far as the plot is concerned, it is indeed different from most of the films attempted in the past. Even the way the subject has been treated is worth a mention. The first few reels, depicting the romantic and family side of Jackie and Raveena, are not too convincing, but with the introduction of Sanjay Dutt's character in the plot, the drama picks up momentum. His introductory sequence will send the masses into frenzy and the confrontation scene with Jackie is simply outstanding.

The first half, right till the intermission, raises expectations about the second half, but, unfortunately, the expectations are not completely met in the post-interval portions. The screenplay should've been equally gripping, but the spate of songs one after the other, is a major deterrent. The songs are not co-related to the story and what's more, at least two songs ? 'She Gives Me Fever' and 'Bali Di Galli' ? can easily be deleted from the film. Otherwise, right till the end, the drama sees the participation of all the principal characters and nowhere does one feel the film is incomplete.

Anu Malik's musical score is a major letdown. The film has just one hit number ? 'Aaila Re' ? and the remaining songs don't impress at all. The placement of songs is another area where the film suffers. Jackie and Raveena breaking into a family song (flashback) when they learn that their only son is suffering from cancer, is out of context.

The film has violence in abundance. The stunts are very well executed and will surely appeal to those who like to watch gunshots and blood on screen. Cinematography is alright. The background music (Bappi Lahiri) is okay.

Performance-wise, if JUNG belongs to anyone, it is Sanjay Dutt who breathes life into his characterisation. His look is deadly and he carries the most difficult of scenes with aplomb. His performance in this film can be compared to the one in VAASTAV. He is that effective. It is indeed sad that the actor has chosen to disassociate himself from this project, for this role sees him in complete form yet again. Jackie Shroff manages to hold your interest in dramatic portions. Both the heroines ? Raveena Tandon and Shilpa Shetty ? spring a surprise by making their presence felt in a male-dominated show. Raveena impresses a great deal in emotional scenes, while Shilpa is equally competent in a role that was difficult to portray. Aditya Panscholi is effective, but his characterisation is not too well defined. Neeraj Vora's comedy falls flat.

To sum up, JUNG has face value, ample masala for the masses and of course, 'Aaila Re', which is one of the major draws. Besides these aspects, the film has generated tremendous controversy, thereby attracting big publicity. Keeping the above factors in mind and also the fact that the opening has been very encouraging, the film is sure to reach the safety mark. However, trimming the film by at least twenty minutes (deleting the two songs is a must!) will make the second half more gripping and effective, thereby giving a boost to its box-office prospects.

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