5 Excellent

Johnny Gaddaar

One of the best movies made in 2007 (with Bheja Fry and Chak De India)! I hope the award ceremonies keep their eyes open for this sensible movie. These are the kind of movies that is taking Indian cinema to th next level. I hate the masses for not recognizing these movies and instead shelling out their dough for pathetic movies like Hey Baby.

'Johnny Gaddaar' Keeps you completely engrossed from start to end. The movie develops very well in those 2 hours and when you start thinking what kind of a climax will this movie have, it ends with a perfect climax! Truly, keeps the viewer thinking throughout the movie. A perfect 2nd movie after 'Ek Hasina Thi' for Sriram Raghavan. Neil Mukesh acted very well for his first movie!