4.5 Excellent

Before, I am not attract to see more any Aishawriya films. Jodha Akbar is one movie that really doesn't excited me to watch out as the warriors promos, the war and the old plalace story, hindu-muslim issued make me already heavy.

After the couple of month, I watched it.

So what is all about? Its not as what I thought. There are wars, which are not boring, there is romance, which is exciting, there's drama which can be memorable, thanks due to the director as he handles it with many attention.

The story is about the combination of Rajput princess and the Mughal Shehensha to give birth to a new nation share's between Hindu and Muslim. The journey to gain Hitrick trust and then, to gain Aish, everything turned out to be perfect.

The direction is excellent and outstanding, as I am not having anyword. A fews film make excite to people and Jodha Akbar's one of it.
The cinematography too outstanding. The screenplay and the script are too very tight. I only wish, if 1st twenty minutes could have been shorter.
Its also a very stylish film. Now I know, why it's an expensive film. There are set, people, crowd, costume, I can imagine now, why is really worth to pay for Jodha Akbar.

Hritik Stands out with his best work of his career. As for aish, she impress me a lot. Post Hum Dil De Chupke Sanam and Devdas, its her best performance. The chemistry between Hritik and Aish is too mind-blowing.
Another actor's who stand out well with a remarquable role is Sonu Sood, in the role of Aish brother.
On the Whole, Jodha Akbar is a film, that should watch out by every indian, who really loves the nation, without distingion hindu and muslim race in the nation.Its an eye treater, one of the brilliant film of indian cinema.