4 Very Good

Jodhaa Akbar

If we believe only Karan Johar & Yash Chopra are known for creating magnum opus on celluloid; you are in for a visual treat from Ashutosh Gowariker who has redefined the word “magnum opus” with this venture. It requires courage to create something of this scale and magnitude. It is a love story set in the pages of history with some important messages about governance & secularism which are as realistic today as they might have been 5 centuries back. Still this epic is not free from its set of demerits.

It is not just another masala fare. It is a movie with a story to tell, which recreates the past era depicting diverse cultures from our history. Huge sets, exquisite wardrobes & subtle narration make the story telling believable and interesting. Direction and screenplay are of top notch. Dialogues add punch to the narration. Performances are A-grade with Hrithik showing why he deserves to be a superstar. He excels in body language & delivery. Aishwarya is just looking “Gorgeous” and has been presented like Sanjay Bhansali used to present her in terms of looks and performance. Other cast is also effective. Cinematography is world class and action director has done justice to his work. Special mention required for the jewellary which will be highlight for the fairer sex! Music gels well but apart from Jashne & Shahenshah other tracks are not impressive. Such huge films surely need something better and more popular music. Other things which would find few buyers is its length, it’s a bit too long.. The usage of Urdu gets overboard at places. It is film which is not meant for everyone! Its quality product which would be appreciated by most but might not be loved by all as it doesn’t have the masala for the masses! Best business will come from big centres. Worth a watch for its grandeur!