1.5 Average

Jodhaa Akbar

Good Perfomances , Tactful Direction , Witty Screenplay , the film has Soul also , but what it does not provide is entertainment.

its more of a biography , and Mr Adarsh wrote in review article for the same that the end fight between Hritik and Sahriffuddin resemebles to the one great fight in troy between Pitt and Bana , but this one is not even close to it , when u include a war sequence and if this is the level of details provided for the same , then its gonna backfire , Probabaly if Ashutosh Had guts to rake in 10-156 crores more only for war sequence , this film would have paid in more than a 100 crores , but I think it will not even rake in the meagre amount spent over it , there is not hype , no buzz .

Mr Ashutosh You need to take some Marketing lessons from your Swades Hero , My SRK .

Okay lets come to the Point I found the film to abe a beutiful Epic and a sincere effort but it does not have the Entertainment element attached to it and Movies are only their for entertainment if you want to teach history leave Filmmaking and join some school and then teach who was Jodha Bai and Who was Akbar , but please do not waste 3.5 hours for this purpose and essential time and money of all the moviegoers.

I cannot write any review because there is none to write.