4 Very Good

JBJ was a great movie, even though the script of the first half was poorly written. Overall I enjoyed the movie and this was because the second half was perfectly done and really entertaining!!

Yash Raj movies have never promised a high quality story, but they do always guarantee splendid entertainment and with JBJ, they have again proved this, no matter what the critics say and how much they try to pull the movie down, the movie is an instant success just like the title track was.If you dont believe then just try buying a ticket here in London for an evening show at a cineworld cinema! You will be bowled over by the amount of rush and feedback coming from within the cinema while the film is showing, especially during the songs!

The director has done a good overall job with the film and took advantage of using the Jodi Abishek and Bobby, coming togather for the first time.
The only thing i was dissapointed with is that Bobby's role was very well written but too short! Also why didnt they director create more Bobby and Abishek scenes? Everytime they came togather they bought the house down with great comedy chemistry!

Infact, I give a thumbs up to both the director for showcasing Bobby in a new avatar and to Bobby also for really proving what a power house of talent he really is. We all have been saying that he is a directors actor and with this film he really proved it!
His performance was really the best of the whole movie, especially his second image. As for his hair I thought it looked awsome, a total change and very spunky and brittish like!
I also noticed great improvement in Bobbys dialogue delivery!

Abishek and Preity were as usual, most parts good. Abishek was very good at times, but at times his dialogue delivery was difficult to understand. preity was her usual bubbly self.

Lara was pretty good too, matching up to her costars most often then not. The one problem though which is the directors fault is that in the first half the poorly written script will make a dent in the movie when we see flashbacks of Lara speaking in french. Why on earth did the director chose to have french speaking in the movie when he knew that perhaps only 1% of the audience would be able to understand it?!?! WHY!!!

BIG B was superb when ever he showed up and really proved to us that JBJ was a huge musical extravagansa!

Songs were most perfect! and very nicely placed.

Locals were beutiful and costumes were mind blowing and award worthy!

I also want to ask the director one thing, in the dance face off why did Abishek and Lara win the award? Bobbys and Preitys dance moves were much better and they deserved to win!!