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Jab We Met Music Review


There may have been varied box office response to Fida, 36 China Town and Chup Chup Ke (each of them starring Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor) but what cannot be

denied is the fact that music by Anu Malik (Fida) and Himesh Reshammiya (36 China Town and Chup Chup Ke) became quite popular.

Now as the duo comes together once again in Jab We Met, one looks forward to yet another young soundtrack in the offering. A reasonable expectation since the composer at the

helm is Pritam, Irshad Kamil is the lyricist whereas Imtiaz Ali, the man behind Socha Na Tha holds the baton as a director.

"Mika can assure himself of yet another hit track. The moment 'Mauja Hi Mauja' begins, you know that an instant chartbuster is right up there for the team of Jab We Met.

Images of Shahid and Kareena jiving to this instantly catchy number only adds on to the song's advantage.

A 'masala' track that has just the right recipe of 'bhangra' beats, Punjabi-Western arrangements and some very spirited singing by Mika, 'Mauja Hi Mauja' is a song of all times with

plug-it-on-and-dance flavor that is applicable for dance floors as much as a marriage celebration. The 'remix version' comes at the very end and keeps the spunk on for the album from

beginning till the end. "

Just as one would have started believing Jab We Met to be an out and out popcorn entertainer with some ready-to-serve peppy tracks, there comes an extremely pleasant surprise in

the form of 'Tum Se Hi'. Now this is a track where Irshad Kamil gets his poetry in motion even as Mohit Chauhan (of 'Silk Route' fame) gets a 'journey' feel on through his silken

touch to the rendition. If you have loved Pritam's compositions in Life In A Metro, Tum Se Hiis a song which is simply irresistible to let go!

The number may not be the kind that a music lover may sing around the town but if you are in mood to play a song on a long drive or just want to relax with the lights switched off and

remembering the one you love most, 'Tum Se Hi' is a song waiting to make it's presence felt. This is easily one of the best composed, arranged, written and rendered song of

the year and is a must hear for the lovers of soothing melodies.

On paper, it is criminal for a song like 'Tum Se Hi' to make an appearance in a 'remix version'. One dread to think how would a simple track like this may sound with added beats?

Thankfully, there is no damage done even in this version as there is just an added spark to the way the remix is presented which only gives a music lover to pick from!

Remember the hit number 'Roop Suhana Lagta Hai' [Gentleman, starring: Chiranjeevi, Juhi Chawla]? The beats from the song are used as a base for 'Yeh Ishq Hai'. A kind

of number for which there would not have been any debate for roping in Sunidhi Chauhan, 'Yeh Ishq Hai' has Shreya Ghoshal singing the song instead. And doesn't she come up with

fantastic results from the first note itself for this song that does remind one of the style of Pritam's own 'Mahiya' [Awarapan]?

A young number that goes perfectly well with Kareena's image, 'Yeh Ishq Hai' has a flavor of folk music interspersed with modern day arrangements which creates an entirely different

feel. The echo effect added to Shreya's voice makes the song further ear pleasing while the sheer variety of instruments (authentic and electronic) come together to make 'Yeh Ishq

Hai' yet another track which go all the way due to it's mass appeal.

Later there comes a 'remix version' of 'Yeh Ishq Hai'. This time around, the arrangements stay on to be completely Western, though one doesn't mind that at all as Jab We Met only

continues it's fun ride with every passing song. "

Soon there is a follow up to 'Mauja Hi Mauja' as yet another track soaked in 'bhangra' flavor arrives in the form of 'Nagada Nagada Nagada Baja'. A full on beats number

that doesn't have a nanosecond of empty space in it's 4 minutes duration, the song has Sonu Nigam singing with full gusto and refusing to take a breather.

No, there isn't anything novel here that you get to hear here but it is that instantly catchy and recollection factor which makes 'Nagada' a number that doesn't do any harm to the

album. Expect this song also to add on to the list of DJ favorites for celebration times, even though one can't help but remember Sonu's own 'Ishq Vishq Mein Pyaar Vyaar Mein Number

One Punjabi' [Chorit Chori Chupke Chupke].

After all the fun and 'dhamaal' comes a track which belongs to the kind that Pritam would have loved to compose in each of his films. 'Aao Milo Chalo' is yet another road track

after 'Tum Se Hi' and promises to make a very good impact when played in the background. Dipped in melody, the song is rendered in a way only Shaan can and it is good to hear him

croon a lovable number which has innocence written all over it.

A track about two youngsters on a journey together and enjoying every moment of the journey ahead, it also has a surprise thrown in when Ustad Sultan Khan makes a brief appearance for

an 'aalaap'. 'Aao Milo', just like 'Tum Se' has an immense ear pleasing value to it that adds on to the collection of your car favorites for a long ride.

If you have liked lounge music with an Indian classical touch, chances are high that you would lap up 'Aaoge Jab Tum' too. Crooned by Ustad Rashid Khan, this melodious

track has some sensitive writing by Irshad Kamil. The song is put to tune by guest composer Sandesh Shandilya who was responsible for the soundtrack of Socha Na Tha.

'Aaoge Jab Tum' has an old world charm to it which makes one remember the songs from films directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Gulzar. Put it on repeat mode and switch off the

lights; you would surely have a peaceful night ahead.

The best is reserved for the end as the 'Theme music' turns out to be an elaborate 5 minutes piece which makes you give two thumbs up to the album. An oriental touch to the sound of flute

which plays throughout the musical piece makes you remember 'My Heart Will Go On' [Titanic]. Also coming together of chorus and an extensive orchestra creates a grand impact,

something which has been a hallmark of music from Karan Johar films. Expect this piece to make a very good impact if it plays in the opening title sequence or as a background score.

In 2007, Pritam may have been come up with good music in number of films such as Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Awarapan, Hattrick, Kya Love Story Hai and Just Married. But if there is

one album that impresses most after Life...In A Metro and turns out to be most satisfying experience, it is Jab We Met.

The album is a perfect example of how to get a quality soundtrack which mixes songs for different segments of audience. One which is looking for instant chartbusters to tap the feet on

[Mauja Hi Mauja, Yeh Ishq Hai, Nagada Nagada] and another which feasts on music that is as peaceful and soothing as it gets [Tum Se Hi, Aao Milo Chalo, Aaoge Jab Tum, Theme


You don't want to miss this one!

Jab We Met 3.5 Joginder Tuteja 20070924

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