3.5 Very Good

It’s a Wonderful Afterlife

Let me start with the end, which is the end credits Stayin Alive with Punjabi Remixed and the bloopers in the movie that are running with it. Its like two best worlds coming together!! Only Bally Sagoo could have pulled this off!!

The other thing that was newly introduced to was the Ganja pakoras in the movie, who comes with this? How do you make it? Can Sanjeev Kapoor or Karen Anand help in creating this? Only in the Undercover Book of Cooking.

I really like Gurinder Chaddha movies since Bend It like Beckham, the whole Punjabi touch to the movie that she gets, the wedding season and the all the food that comes with it which is like what Punjabis die for (or work for). In this movie, you had all the elements put in place, you have good music, wedding, punjabi style the whole NRI culture based out of London. The other added elements that make it a dark comedy, but surely not scary.

Overall with all the elements are placed the only thing is it NOT a typical romance film with some really funny moments.