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When an established actor goes on to launch his first film as a producer, there are good all around expectations. Whether it is the film as a whole or its music, one expects something striking in all departments. This is the reason why when Arshad Warsi arrives with Hum Tum Aur Ghost and ropes in none less than Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Javed Akhtar to handle the music department, one looks forward to something striking at the least.


Even without going through the credits, it wouldn't have been difficult to figure out that 'Dekho Raste Mein' is the work of Sankar-Ehsaan-Loy. A beautiful tune with a classy feel to it, 'Dekho Raste Mein' is one of the better tracks to have arrived this year so far. The 'mukhda' is highly addictive with both KK and Shreya Ghoshal thoroughly enjoying their outing. Javed Akhtar's lyrics too are sweet and simple while well conveying the emotions of a couple who have just discovered love. For a track like this, one does wonder if a 'remix version' was indeed required. However, the makers do believe otherwise and as it turns out, it is not a wrong decision at all, as evidenced in the club mood that 'Dekho Raste Mein' ends up creating. Wait, there is more. 80 seconds into this version and there is a slight 'bhangra' touch imparted as well with Arshad Warsi himself preceding it with his own rap rendition. Not bad!

It's a foot tapping beginning for 'Hum Tum Aur Ghost' which, on the face value, would have seemed like a sad track. However, this is not the case because instead it turns out to be a celebration number with rapid beats ensuring that there is no single dull moment. With a touch of rock to it, 'Hum Tum Aur Ghost' has the kind of rhythm that should be heard right through the narrative of the film. Shankar Mahadevan and Vishal Dadlani come together for this fun track (with chorus by Mani Mahadevan, Arun Ingle, Jaya and Jyotsna Hardikar) and though one can't expect the song to be playing six months from now, 'Hum Tum Aur Ghost' does well for the moment. A shorter 'remix version' comes later with added elements of rap by Bob. If a music video around this song is made, it has the potential of gaining added popularity.

Now this track does have good enough ingredients to get the right excitement and pace in the proceedings of Hum Tum Aur Ghosti Rendered by Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan, 'Banware Se Pooche Banwariya' is fast paced, racy, youthful, energetic and very much today's. In fact at places one does feel like hearing a composition by Pritam. However, leaving the comparison factor aside, one can be rest assured that if picturised well and promoted aggressively, 'Banware Se Pooche Banwariya' is a good enough number to gain instant popularity. On a separate note, it seems like a complete family affair with Maria Goretti forming a part of the chorus group that comprises of Loy Mendonsa, Raman Mahadevan, Anusha Mani, Rahul Saksena and Kaushik Deshpande. It is surprising though that there is no 'remix version' of this track because it is the one for some good times in the party circles.

As expected, there is some 'thehrav' in the album with 'Kal Tum The Yahan' coming in next. On the same lines as the song from Rock On - 'Phir Dekhiye' (which was incidentally sung by Caralisa Monteiro, who is the singer here as well) - 'Kal Tum The Yahan' is about the misunderstandings that have crept into the relationship of the leading couple. Set in a Western mode, this smooth flowing number refrains from turning out to be sad and while its mood is solemn, it only brings in variety to the album. Shankar Mahadevan is the male vocalist of the song with Dominique Cerejo and Clinton Cerejo coming together for the chorus. Later arrives an upbeat version of the same number and though the lyrics are still the same and the mood too common, the added beats with some exciting arrangements do well in pepping up the situation a little.


Hum Tum Aur Ghost is a good album with at least a couple of numbers doing quite well - 'Dekho Raste Mein' and 'Banware Se Pooche Banwariya'. Since there isn't much time remaining for the release of the film (which would have a telling on the music sales as well), the need of the hour is to aggressively promote these two tracks to generate higher sales figures. It would be a pity if these songs go unnoticed.


'Dekho Raste Mein', 'Banware Se Pooche Banwariya'

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