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Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi Music Review



None. Seriously. That said, one waits to hear what does producer-director Fauzia Arshi have to offer as a composer here with Shabbir Ahmed, Ravi Chopra, Allama Iqbal and Amir Khusro contributing with the lyrics.


It is the title track 'Dimaagh Ka Dahi' that is heard first and it is in the same mould as many a Govinda-Raveena Tandon songs from the 90s. In fact the manner in which Kunal Ganjawala and Ritu Pathak sing this one is also on the same mould and though there is a distinct attempt to make this all fun and contemporary (with references to Twitter as well), this Hinglish number doesn't really cut much ice.

Mika comes on board for 'Baap Hona Paap' and this one turns out to be a forgettable outing, despite the fact that the singer tries to bring his exuberant self into play here. However, with lyrics that are entirely forgettable and a composition that relies more on beats than any real tune, this one doesn't even pass muster. There is a rap portion thrown in mid-way into the song as well but that doesn't change the overall outcome.

Other than being a producer, director and composer, Fauzia Arshi also brings herself behind the mike as a singer. The song in question is 'Kabhi Toh Sun', which is a soft romantic number. Though it brings some kind of relief in the proceedings which was otherwise too loud and noisy all this while, it doesn't really go beyond the 'sugam sangeet' mode of 80s Doordarshan. A painful love song with below par arrangements.

The moment 'Maula Maula' begins, you are welcomed by the characteristic voice of Kailash Kher who sings this one with good conviction too. Meanwhile, Fauzia Arshi steps into this song as well, though one wonders if that was really needed so early in the song. Nonetheless, it isn't as if this one is the next chartbuster in the making as the Sufi track, which lasts close to seven minutes, is hardly the kind that would cover much distance. Still, compared to all that one has heard so far, it at least manages to keep you along with it, at least in the portions where Kailash's voice is heard.

Last to arrive is 'Dimaagh Ka Dahi (Mashup)' which is quick skip in the first few seconds itself, the moment words 'Naadha Khul Gaya Hai' are heard.




'Maula Maula'

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