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You don't expect anything from the music of Help for the sheer reason that there has been no buzz whatsoever that has been created prior to the release. In fact not just has there been utter lack of promotion, even the music CDs for the film are hard to find on the stands which further sets one thinking if it was a good idea after all to have any music created here? Add to that the fact that this is a horror film with no scope for any romance whatsoever and you don't really play on this soundtrack by composer Ashu with much enthusiasm.


It is a slow and serene beginning for 'Kehna Hai' which kick starts with Joi Barua coming behind the mike. A love song that has an Indian-Western fusion to it, 'Kehna Hai' is haunting which goes with the mood of the film but not quite enthralling enough to hook you on. Irshad Kamil writes 'Kehna Hai' that has a bit of English passage as well. Suzanne D'Mello is Joi's partner in this duet track and while she does do a better job, overall this song (which also appears in a 'remix version') just about manages to pass muster.

A situational track made to run in the background of the narrative of Help, 'Kyun Gum Hai Khushiyan' tries to bring back the memories of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and takes a Sufi-Western fusion route. However, due to depressing nature of the song, as conveyed in Irashad Kamil's lyrics, and the way it is sung by Ashu and Kirti Sagathia, you are not much charged. The tune here is just about okay as well and even though Ashu (as composer) tries to bring in a Western touch (followed by a 'remix'), the song doesn't belong to the kind that would make you hunt for that 'repeat' button again.

Finally comes the promotional title track 'Help' which ironically has hardly been promoted. Gourov Dasgupta and Manthan are roped in as guest composer and lyricist respectively but all that the song manages to do is remind one of the songs that were made for action films in the 80s. Rana Mazumder and Barkha are roped in for this track (also arriving in a 'remix version') that is picturised on Bobby Deol and Mugdha Godse. However, they too don't really manage to create an impact that would make this song sound anything more than ordinary.

Last to come is the theme piece 'Incubated - Just For Death' which has Ashu coming up with an all around show as a composer, lyricist and singer. Haunting and also chilling at numerous junctures, this short two minute piece has a rock setting to it.


As expected, Help doesn't have much to offer and hence the reason why one hasn't heard much about it either. Earlier this year, there have been soundtracks that have been created for the horror flicks. However, this one is clearly the weakest of all.


'Kehna Hai'

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