5 Excellent


GURU hmmm,

when i saw the first look of the movie in indiafm.com, i knew it that it will be one of the best movie of mani & abhishek's career.

all credit gose to,,,

ABHISHEK BACHCHAN ,,,for his legendary acting in this movie.
MANI,,,, he's one of the best technical director as we all agree.
A.R.Rehman,,, i cannot find the right words for this kinda creative legend.
Ash,,, she's beautiful

hey guyz let me tell u something,,,,few of us dont like ABHISHEK BACHCHAN (ABHISHEK I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT MY SELF) Becoz of his unlucky start just like his father, and now we take him personal just becoz of useless ego becoz we dont want to change our comments,,, naahhhhh

please be prictical ,,,, abhishek is a gift to this industry,,, apriciate him if he performs Xtra ordinary just like he id iin GURU, Sarkar, Yuva.

don not compare his acting with Amitabh Bachchan,,,
i'm not saying that he's not a nont actor as amit G is

inifact as ram gopal verma said after sarkar,,, that
"Abhishek is better actor then Amitabh"

i'm not writing this becoz ,,, i look like abhishek bachchan or i like him alot after shahrukh.

i'm just being NEUTRAL.