5 Excellent


Guru was one of the most awaited movies for me , I started to have apprehensions about it ever since the release of the film got postponed from Dec 06 to Jan 07. With baited breath I checked up the reviews of the film on 13 Jan well the reviews were from extremely good to extremely poor. Never had I seen such contradictive reviews and so I decided to ensure I put in my views of the film.
Guru is possibly the best to have come out of Mani Ratnam's kitty after possibly Nayagan. I say this because though Nayagan was a Mani Rathnam film I went to see it because of Kamalahasan. Now I am convinced that even if Abhishek ahd acted in the role he would have also been able to produce the goods.
Guru the movie is a brave attempt in the copy foriegn film genere when every second movie on show is a remake of an english movie. But Guru is a class of its own, The story telling is smooth the movie grows on you and with perhaps a couple of rumblers in the middle the ride is smooth and pacey.

Each character has been carefully etched, each locale is mindblowing , each scene is superbly crafted and the music is just too good. I have never seen Abhishek perform with such ease which shows that its a director who makes a character and not the other way around. Go Abhishek go and climb on to the top because you are headed there soon. Aishwarya turns in a professional performance and the real revelation is Mithun da in the character role of his life , we wish to see him more in such roles that remind me of good old Ashok Kumar.
ON the whole with noo fights no stunts, no sexually stimulating scenes no tera jerking melodrama the movie proves that good story telling can make a simple biography so interesting to watch. The dialogues could have been directed at the gallery, number of scenes had the potential but the directoe resisted and that to em are the strong points which makes the film stand out from the rest.