4.5 Excellent


WHAT A MOVIE......A powerpacked movie....with every thing in it's favour....(except it's a bit sluggish pace towards the second half). But it has to be in such kind of movie. Marvellous performance by fristly by Abhimanyu Singh then Kay Kay and the all the other cast. I think Abhimanyu Singh's performance in the movie is award worthy (for supporting role). But I know he will never get one as awards are reserved for all the media frenzy people. It's year's one of the best for sure. I bow down to Anurag Kashyap. This man deserves a recognition in world cinema. Not bcoz of just one movie.....those of you who haven't ........ watch BLACK FRIDAY, NO SMOKING, DEV D. I loved them all. Thumbs up to the movie.