1.5 Average

Golmaal 3

CUTION: The following review might contain content which few readers with sanity will find a bit offensive. So Reader Discretion is ADVISED!!!
I’ll tell you something; something important; something very crucial. But not now, you’ll have to hold on for some time. Right now I want you to imagine the following three different scenarios …
1. Mr. PAPLOO has been feeling very low; he feels that his pulse is dropping and he might faint. He calls a friend who rushes to his house and then takes him to a doctor. The doctor examines and tells that the sugar level in Mr. PAPLOO’s blood has fallen down and if he wants to survive, he needs to take some EXTRA intake of sugar. Mr. PAPLOO makes a mental note, takes it too seriously and after a year becomes a diabetic!!!
2. Mr. TAPLOO has been ill since last 3 months and has been taking food with no spices. Eventually he recovers. Mr. TAPLOO has had enough of “PHEEKA” food and he orders his cook to make the dinner extra spicy; you know, a bit extra red chilies and “GARAM MASALA”. The cook follows the orders and right after 40 seconds of the food being served, Mr. TAPLOO is breathing fire from all possible dimensions of his existence!!!
3. Mr. GHAPLOO was afraid of animals; so afraid that a vicious look from a kitten on a distance could cause him to change his trousers. After so many years of fear, he finally consults a psychiatrist who infuses so much energy in him that one fine afternoon, at 2:30 PM, MR. GHAPLOO rushes to the zoo to prove that he is no more afraid. He became so fearless that at 3:15 PM, the only lion in the zoo was burping loudly after having a delicious “GHAPLOO CHATNI”!!!
Bizarre scenarios, aren’t they? Wait till I tell what I promised you before going into those irritating scenarios. What I have to tell you is that I am writing all this madness as I have just come back after watching “Golmaal 3”. I’m writing all this because my mind has gone berserk. I am writing all this because Mr. Rohit Shetty has landed himself in a scenario which is no different than those of my friends PAPLOO, TAPLOO and GHAPLOO.
Mr. Shetty promised his fans that this latest installment of his successful franchise will be much more GRAND, much funnier, much more entertaining. In attempting to fulfill his promise, he has put in so much effort to make it funny and entertaining that the end product has become something WAY OVER THE LIMIT OF SANITY. I mean all of us want our comedies to be senseless, wacky and no-brainer, but God knows we don’t want them to insult us. And insult is actually what this film does. It insults your love for comedies; it insults your respect for Rohit Shetty as a director; it insults the last bit of your sanity and above all, the film insults its two predecessors (which were both excellent movies).
After stating what I have stated above, I don’t feel the need to point out each and every reason why I am so much infuriated. But as I owe it to every reader who is patient enough to read this horrible review of this horrible movie, so I will state a few…
• The movie is too LOUD… it leaves you with a continuous headache. In attempt to make it crazier than the earlier two, it is actually the viewer who becomes crazy.
• The characters are horribly crafted. In order to make them too cool, they become frozen.
• The action scenes are too annoying. In order to make them more dashing, they have dashed all the wits out of the viewer.
• If the screenplay of this film was ever written, it was definitely written by observing the activity in a PAGAL KHANA.
• I hate the finger twitching scenes. Simply unbearable.
• And the worst of all, a few scenes are seriously suggestive with vulgarity.
As far as performances are concerned, the least I say is the better. There are only two names which seem to be better (its not that they are good, they are just better in comparison). They are Arshad Warshi and Mithun da. The rest of them are so poorly directed.
I am a huge fan of Ajay Devgan and I loved his comedy timing in the earlier two Golmaals and All the Best. But unfortunately, he is one of the worst performers in the lot. I loved Tushar in the earlier 2 movies, but in an attempt to be better, he has only become worse. Kareena Kapoor is just plain average. Johny Lever and his two goons are instruments of torture.
Yes there are a few funny scenes, but they are too few.
I know that I’ve become too harsh in writing this review and it sounds insulting to the movie. But after so many attacks by the film to insult me, I seriously deserve this much.
Honestly, Rohit Shetty and his gang had made me a huge fan of them. But this is simply unacceptable and heart-breaking. I wanted this be to one of the best comedies I have ever seen, but guess what? It has turned out to be one of the worst.