4.5 Excellent

in The Dirty Picture Vidya Balan said ''picture sirf teen cheezo ki vajah se chalti hai..Entertainment..Entertainment..Entertainment'' Sridevi modified by saying ''picture sirf teen cheezo ki wajah se chalti Performance..Performance..Performance'' and Emraan Hashmi said ''har film ka sirf ek hii hero hota hai aur woh hai Director'' and Gauri Shinde proved that in her very
first film.simple film with a simple story with which each and every Indian would connect to made for every man,woman,son,daughter,husband,wife,mother,father.from promos one can easily make out the story of the film and the film seems to be predictable but the director has handled the film so well that you remain glues to your seats.believe me i sat till the end credits got over.Sridevi is back with a bang and is definately a threat to all the current actresses.she has beautifully carried the film all on her own.all the other characters in the film have performed very well.songs generally plays in the background but all of them are very soft nice and good to hear.overall an outstanding film which deserves to be watched by each and every person on this planet.this one is highly recommended.don't dare to miss this one