0.5 Poor

Ek Tha Tiger

This film is sadly and unfortunately the most disappointing film of Indian Cinema. This film starts off well when Salman enters like a Super Sal"man", but after the end of the scene, the film, ended in a way. The action sequences are racy, but most of them come when not required at all. The director was unable in taking the story to the required point, and thus, the film got directed in a wrong way. The first scene gives the appearance that it would be a great espionage thriller, but later on, it ends up as nothing but a film with extravagantly exploited romance, and that too half baked.

None of the stars give a memorable performance. Only Ranveer Shorey was able to make some scope otherwise the scenes involving him could have easily fallen flat. The film is very complex and even Salman looks confused most of the time.

Final verdict- Not just disappointing, but very very disappointing!