0.5 Poor

Ek Chhotisi Love Story

This is one of the worst Bollywood films ever made. It tells the sickening story of a 15 year old boy who loves a 26 year old women. Its weird, cos the boy is just so annoying and looks stupid. He spends long hours just spying on her with his telescope. Thats right, 50% of this movie, is the boy spying on her. Who is this film aimed at and what kind of people will enjoy this kind of trap. Its like gazing at a security camera hidden in someones room. With respect i would like to add that if the actress was beautiful and sexy, maybe the film would of had a reason to watch it. Manisha Koirala looks old, scruffy and ugly. There are little scenes of sex which is rare in Bollywood. Even these scenes were unsatisfying and turned me off. Manisha has made some of the most bizarre movies in Bollywood, Who knows why she chose this path. Some of these movies include Tum, Escape from Taliban and Market. The twist is even more disgraceful, where the boy stops looking at her and instead she starts spying on him. Rubbish acting from all actors in this movie, bad direction from Shashilal Nair. Do not watch this movie, a big waste of time.