Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi Movie


Becoming a victim of Batta - Satta system, where a groom gets his sister married to the bride’s brother, Saavi ends marrying a groom who is half her age and brings him up as a kid. Since he is half her age, he continues to see his mother in Saavi...

It is during this time when the entire sect stands up and reveals to Ranju, her groom, that he is actually Saavi’s husband and not her son. Taken aback by this truth, while he fails to understand the deep rooted system in his community, he also takes out his rage on Saavi. On the other hand, Saavi decides to take a stand and wants to be his wife. Caught in the dilemma between love for her husband and his happiness, to what extent will Saavi go and what new turn will her life take?

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