3.5 Very Good


I think that the director of this album has gone for a different approach rather than the, what I like to call, Pritam approach. Basically where the music director makes a few likable songs which are "in" and will be played for a month or two but then not be heard again.

The title track sung by Dhruv, the first version, I feel has a periodic feel to it. It's used to give across the story and make the listener want to find out more about the film, which by the way, has worked on me. I can't wait to see Drona! It's composed well and grows after a few listens but I found the remix(AKA V2) to be better substantially. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice and the background music now full on electric guitar sounds instead of the techno sounds heard in the original gives an all much better sound to it all.

Oop Cha is a weird song that takes a few listens to grow on you, nevertheless a good song with Sunidhi Chauhan again at the vocals I think this is the only track in this album that goes for the chartbuster approach. A good listen for sure. A remix version accompanies it which isn't much of a difference it terms of likeness but welcome nevertheless.

The first slow track of the album, Bandagi is a nice listen that has a good chorus. A love song by all means it's good in composition and the chorus will stick to your mind after a few listens.

Nanhe Nanhe, I found, is the worst track of the album. The COMPLETE opposite of the title track remixed it has a very slow feel to it and probably won't be listened to after the first time round. A complete narrative track that will only be good in the film if it looks good.

Khushi is a strange track, it makes you wonder what Drona really is about. Whereas all the tracks before this had either a period or more Tribal(oop cha) approach, Khushi has a jazz theme to it. Shaan doing well at the vocals backed by various singers, the song is one of those songs you will definately take home with you after seeing the film IF it's filmed and choreographed well.

Overall Drona is a good album which has highlights on the title track, it's remix, Oop Cha and Khushi.