2.5 Good

Double Dhamaal

Warning: This film is not for the people seeking intellectual and logical entertainment. It is a complete masala entertainer with over the top comedy scenes.

I had lot of expectations when I went to see double dhamaal, especially after the first part which was really an authentic comedy. But hold on guys what I found was comedy lacking depth and genuineness of the original. The movie starts from where it ended in the first part. The good for nothing guys Adi, Manav, Roy and Boman dream once again to become rich. And accidentally they happen to meet Kabir once again. To their complete surprise they found him extremely rich having limousines and palatial bungalow. But that is not enough. He also has a beautiful looking wife(Mallika Sherawat) and a glamorous sister(Kangna Ranaut). There onwards, they start making plans to snatch his wealth by hook or crook. Everything goes well with the four guys and when they are about to get the wealth, they suddenly get a shocker that infact it was them who have been befooled by Kabir instead of they fooling him. After that the movie is all about how they chase him to Macau to get revenge and take his enormous wealth.

Now what could have been a nice sequel does not seem to be so. It seems that the director inspite of trying hard fails to create the right kind of magic. Many of the comedy scenes are completely overdone and lack depth. The problem with the movie is that though it tries to establish link with the first one but the whole plot doesn’t look convincing and attached to the first one. First part had a natural and authentic comedy flow to it which is missing in this one. All we get is some weird comedy. Only few of the scenes are genuinely good. Mallika Sherawat and Kangna Ranaut have been taken to add glamour but they somehow don’t fit into the movie which is intended to be comedy. At many parts of the film you may feel that the film is abusing your intelligence.

The only saving grace of the movie is the four guys Javed Jaffery, Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi and Ashish Chaudhary who have acted to the best of their abilities and not to forget amazing Satisk Kaushik as the Don.

On the whole it is not out and out a bad movie but definitely a disappointing one. I would rather watch first part again than watching this not so Double Dhamaal. If you still want to watch it, watch with minimal expectations.