4.5 Excellent

Double Dhamaal

First of all i would like to say that this is not a diffrent story, It's start's from where the first dhamaal ends. The Four jokers are still search of a chance to earn quick money, as they did in first. The movie goes well with the charcters and has a good story. The Screenplay is good. The Sense of humor is awesome and the Liners Specially Vulgar line's are awesome with some scenes. Specially Ritesh Steals the Show. Javed is best with his character and Arshad and Ashish hae done a good job. Sanjay Dutt has maintain is personatily very well and fits in his role. Mallika and Kagna does a fair job. Indra Kumar gets this time a very good base and hope he also does a good job with the series (In the End is indicates that there might be a third part) Over all it's a good Entertainer and a family watch. Go for It.