1.5 Average

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Let's just accept the fact that SRK is not good at doing ACTION movies. He's never good at them and he'll never will be. Or may be just believe that Action Films are not for him. He should rather stay in his COMFORT ZONE with yash raj's and Karan Johar's film houses. DON was a complete disappointment and waste for audiences. We're expecting much better from Farhan Akhtar and he couldn't deliver it. It was rather, as Taran Adarsh pu "Purani Bottle per Naya Label". It was exactly on the lines of new James Bond movies, with lavish lacales, top notch cinematography, stunts, but........but no story and balance. It was too wayward and actually it needs to be re-workes and re-done. Like I said, moviegoer has to have a better understanding and I would definitely prefer an inventive concept over Remakes.