4.5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

well i liked the movie very much though i agree srk's bihari style is not gud but his devil act as don was awesome especiallly the first scene. the twists are real gud but to think tht there wud hav been sumthin new is not correct farhan is remaking the film not correcting it so it is but aways tht dialouges wud match scenes wud match though i must say tht the scene when roma tries to escape don is gr8 and the one were don escapes from the plane simply superb the action sequences are really awesome and mid air one is really superb. i agree tht om puri has not got any scope but sum one who wud hav been less known wud hav hammered the charachter isha koppikar also does had a small charachter but farhan might hav taken her thinking of the sequel if it's on the way boman irani stands tall he has excelled the role in every aspects and it proves to be his best if u loved him in munna bhai u wud get crazy in don arjun rampal enacts his part well people say his role is very samll i say they hav not seen the original don pran's role was also not big original don also had big b overshadowing other roles.the cinematography was just breathtaking. in short too gud movie and fab twists wud wait for sequels.
as per acting
Srk -9 the i wud hav give 9.5 if he wud have done the vijay act better
priyanka - 8
boman- 8.5
om puri 7.5 didn't got much scope
arjun 7.5 for a change
chunky 7 louked gud
kareena 7 luked hot but a bit over weight