5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

(Its not only difficult to criticise the NEW DON,indeed its impossible!!!)

Well,DON made by Farhan Akhtar is a REAL DON because,in Chandra Barot's DON he just hyped the chartacter of DON saying that DON can do this,can do that, its impossible to catch DON blah blah blah.And that silly DON is not only caught,even killed by DCP. D. Silva (played by Ifteqar).But in this New DON its not the case,her the DON keeps his lines "DON KO PAKADNA MUSHKIL HI NAHIIN NAAMUMKIN HAI". Shahrukh has proved himself to be a DON not only in the film but in film industry.He proved that even now he can play the action hero characters.I was amazed by the Action Scene in which he fights for Parachute in the air.The shot seemed to be realistic.Srk has given his best to his film.From here onwards SRK is not only KING KHAN or BAADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD but also the NEW DON OF BOLLYWOOD.Hats off to SRK and Farhan. Priyanka was at her best.She was superb in the action scenes. Kareena played her role splendidly.Boman Irani is fantastic.Arjun did a fine job.Even Isha koppikar played her role finely.Its a well Choreographed,Briiliantly Narrated and Visualised, Musical and Thriller and Technological Film.

All in All a good movie to watch over again and again.