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Don – The Chase Begins Again

I will express my simple and straightforward expression. I was very apprehensive when I went to watch the movie with my young daughter (i was of the same age when I watched the original). I was wonderinh whether this verison will erase the memory of the original? I was very happy of the outcome with a very candid opinion. I dont remember what I have watched and certainly my daughter is not going to remember this movie as i have remembered and relished in my lifetime. The original is masterpiece because of simplification of the storyline, well defined characterisation, good music and of course last but not least the mesmerising performance by AB. Farhan Yaar, you are very good for creating the original 3 guys enjoying their time in Goa, but dont tamper the classics just because you have the benefit of the meduim with you. Use this power to create something original and please please I repeat dont ever to think of the sequel as you indicated. Thank you