4.5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Sadly, i had to see this mvie in bits on you tube cause it hasn't come t my city yet. But despite this i thought it was a brilliant movie.
i had been looking forward to it since farhan had announced it but after reading the critics, i was almost afraid to watch it and find out that it would be a dissappointmen. However you guys gave it good reviews so my hopes rose again and it definitely lived up to my expectations and i can't wait to see it in a theatre.
I am not a srk blind fan but yes, he is my favourite actor. The reason i don't think i qualify as a fan is because i don't think he's the best actor, he's just my favourite. I guess i'm a borderline fan.
Anyway back to the movie, it starts off really well and i definitely didn't find it slow paced, the screenplay is very similar to the old but it is a remake so that is justified.
The thing i really loved about this movie is the action scenes. They weren't over the top and neither were they second rate. They were in the middle and almost perfect. I hate scenes where the actor does silly, impossible things which aren't justified, making him look like a superhero or when the action is really crap. Thankfully, don was neither.
The second half is just brilliant. I won't give it away though.
One thing i reallised that some of you said was that arjun rampal is a bad actor, i have to disagree. I think he's very good and i thought he was great in this movei, of course his role is short, but he plays it effectively.
Those who say he's bad, watch Aankhe- simply superb acting by all.

Shahrukh was the perfect don. it was a real treat to see him in such a cool role and play it so well. As vijay, he barely had any scenes, they were well played but here comes the only drawback of the film. No matter how ggood he acts, the role isn't going t suit him. The makeup should have been better and farhan should have changed the role to suit shahrukh better. Why a bihari? why not someone else. It's just one of those times when a role doesn't suit an actor no matter how great he is like Ajay playing a mentally affected person. It just doesn't work and i think ajay is a brilliant actor but i simply can't imagine him like that.

Priyanka was way better than she was in krrish i wish like the original she had more fighting scenes (but i haven't seen the whole movie so could have missed them)
Boman Irani was superb.

Farhan did an amazing job with this movie. it is no doubt his best one. Sure it's not original but as far as direction goes, brilliant.

I'm also glad that they took out some silly scens from the old one. I saw the old one two days ago, and most of the last 40 minutes of it are a perfect way of how to ruin a good movie.
This way they have improved on it. No idiotic things

Overall, this is definitely the best indian action movie I have watched and even better than a lot of hollywood ones. Infact it is the best movie i have watched this year. I thought LRMB was the best but not anymore!

I would recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't hate shahrukh and isn't a remake hater.
Plus if you don't like action or like only romance thn this isn't the movie for you.