4.5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

The background of Don's story is Kuala Lumpur (KL). As a Malaysian residing in KL, my reality-check questions would be:
1) You cannot overspeed on Malaysian highways. There are many hidden cameras on the road and the Malaysian police will capture your car number and send fines to your house address. Fines for overspeeding are typically RM300 (USD90).
2) You cannot escape from the police on the highway. At each end of the highways, there are toll plaza where you have to pay the fees for using the highway. Normally the police will wait you there.
3) Shahrukh Khan Mercedes convertible bears a registration number NZW 1. The Malaysian state that carries alphabet 'N' currently is doing the series NBT, which means the series NZW will only come about around the year 2020 or 2035. Furthermore, alphabet 'Z' is only reserved for the Malaysian Army.
4) I do not know whether the hotel used in the movie - Mandarin Oriental - will allow drug baron to use its Presidential Suite Room. I think you have to be a super-VIP, like a President or Prime Minister of some-sort, to use that kind of room.
5) It is impossible for Jasjit and Dapuu to walk on the skybridge of Petronas Towers to move from Tower 1 to Tower 2. If you enter Tower 2, you cannot walk to Tower 1. That is the strict Petronas' policy. If you walk from Tower 2, the guard will be waiting at Tower 1 and ask for your Petronas Identity Card.
6) It is unlikely that Malaysian police will transfer a criminal from one place to another using an aeroplane. They will normally transfer you using a van or prison-lorry. Don must have been a super-criminal to deserve the fabulous treatment of Malaysian police.
7) The operative office of Insp DeSilva uses See-Hoy-Chan building, located next to American Embassy in KL. That office building is empty. That office has long been completed, but it has been empty since then. Rumours say that the American government lease all the office space in the building to guard the safety of its embassy which lies nextdoor.

All-in-all, this story is great. A must-watch movie.