4 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Well let me first start by saying,DO NOT COMPARE IT WITH THE ORIGINAL.Don't do it unless u do not want to enjoy another director's genius point of view.Yes,the new Don had a few mistakes with the pace of the movie in the first half as it was looking very fast,however in the second half,Farhan was able to pull it back.The film has some amazing action and some very good acting by Boman Irani,Om Puri and offcourse THE KING.(Who according to me is 1000 times better than Salman,I dunno why people even care to compare them,while Salman is so pathetic in his acting nowdays).With his own view of the movie and giving his own twists,Farhan has realy delivered a great NEW DON,which is realy NEW and has its own story to tell rather than what people thought it would be...a complete remake,copy types.Farhan has remade the very well,not perfectly but very well none the less.HOWEVER...........THE BEST PART OF THE MOVIE IS THE ENDING....JUST WATCH OUT FOR IT,the ending alone is TOTAL PAISA WASOOL.