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Don – The Chase Begins Again

Don is one of the most awaited movies of this year. People are very curious to see its fate on the box office as it is one of the first movies, which is adapted from an old classic. I think the only mistake the creators did is to remake it because then the expectations are enormous. Now the crux of the matter is - "Amitabh wali don ko bhulna mushkil hi nahin naamunkin hai!" . If you compare these two movies, the earlier one was better. But its a very good attempt to remake the classic. Somehow, even the creators were sure that people will not like plain vanilla DON again. So, they added lot of new twists and turns. And that makes it work. In the first half, you feel that its the same old story but the second half is the surprising element. Overall, its a good movie. It has got good Entertainment Quotient, lot of elements are added to make this movie high on entertainment value. Its not anything pathbreaking. This movie is nothing in comparison to the earlier work of Farhan Akhtar (Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshya). But you like it for SRK and the style factor.


The movie is shot in a very stylish way. The locations are simply superb and it complements the story well. Every scene is shot very stylishly. The movie has got a very fresh appeal. The director may have lacked in content, but he has given a great doze of style to the movie watchers. The action sequences are just amazing. There is no flaw as far as the look of the movie goes.

Shahrukh Khan
A big positive for the movie. As i was expecting an over executed performance from him. But he is really controlled in this movie. And i think his performance is best in the movie. After a lot of time, I have felt that SRK has really tried to act. He overdid few scenes like the dialogue "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin naamunkin hai!" is said in quite a funny way. But overall, he has carried the movie on his shoulders.

Priyanka Chopra and Arjun Rampal
She looks good in the movie and she has really put in lot of efforts to do the action scenes. She has got huge potential, but not used correctly.
I am very happy to say that Arjun Rampal is really good in this movie. He has been given few scenes in the movie and he has acted quite well. I had very less expectations from him going by his previous work. But, I am surprised to see his performance in the movie. He has improved a lot, but still a long way to go.

New twists in the story
The story is very cleverly written to give that surprise element to the audience. You will notice that the first half is really boring because its the same old story retold. Its a very smart move by the creators to give the extra dosage of surprise to the viewer.

There was no need of remixing the songs as they have already been remixed by the talentless DJs today. But even after wrong decision of remixing old songs, the songs are picturised beautifully. One song worth mentioning is Paan Banaraswala, its a very well choreographed song and its a big plus for the movie. The music works because of its picturisation, not because its great creativity. They should have gone for new songs as that could have generated extra revenues for the music company, at least.
Very smart marketing. Lot of money is spent to create the buzz around the movie and it has worked very well. Advance booking will generate good revenues for the distributor and exhibitor. Today if a movie is playing for 2-3 weeks, then its a good profit earner. The multiplexes are running as good as 10 shows per day, and they are having 60-70% occupancy. Next week also, it will do well as there is no major release lined up. So, it will be a good profitable venture for the producers.


Attempt to Remake
There was no need to publicise it as a remake. Its a very racy thriller, they should have created it as an original production. There was no need to adapt an old story, it is just an added pressure for the director, nothing else. I still feel the audience wants something original everytime, this movie works not because of the old story but because of the stylish look and action. So, why to get into that trap of reworking on an old script.

The screenplay has got various faults. The characters are not properly sketched out. You just dont understand why a person is behaving like this. There is no content in the character, they look very artificial. No background is given for them. I think they had an understanding that the people are already aware about the characters so they didnt waste any time to get into the details. But, i think there are lot of people who have not seen earlier don. For them, the story is quite incomplete. They have acted quite safe in the movie for both type of viewers - ones who have seen earlier don and ones who haven't.

Boman Irani
I am not very happy to say that he has not done justice to the role because he is one of my favourites. But the reality is that he doesnt suit in this character a bit. The action scenes required a more fit actor to portray the character. And he didnt even try to act much in the movie. It is his most wooden performance ever.

The dialogues are so short that it doesnt give any impact to the scene. They have used the earlier movie's dialogues in between to fill that gap. I think this is something to do with the director. Watch his earlier movies, the dialogues have always been very crisp and sharp. Maybe DCH worked because of its short and crisp diaogues. But i seriously feel that Don needed effective and memorable dialogues as the expectations were huge with this movie.

Extra Actors
Ok.. now the list is endless for extra actors, who have not been given any lines to speak even. Take Isha Kopikar, she is used just in songs and nothing else. Om Puri is totally wasted. About Kareena Kapoor I am still figuring out why was she in the movie. They have tried badly to add a lot of elements, which may attract public to come to cinemas. They have been hugely successful in doing that. But there is no repeat value of this movie.

Overall, this movie is stylish and slick, with very less content. If you have seen earlier Don and you are a major fan of that movie then you will not like this movie. Its a one time watch for the well executed action scenes, style element and good performance by SRK.