5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Just got back from the first day 4th show of DON. I really was'nt prepared for it because I thought the movie would release the next week here in Dubai because of Ramadan. But I received an email from the cinema I have subscribed to in the morning saying that DON has been released. As soon as I found out I called to check if there were tickets available but unfortunately there were only front row seats available. To hell with that...I ran to the cinema and bought my ticket for the show for which the front row seats were available. Bought a packet of chips, cola and some candy bars and got cozy in my seat to have a blast! I must admit that even though I knew SRK's movies are always the best i still had my doubts about the film after Farhan's previous Lakshya. But once the movie got over, while leaving the cinema like always I once more remembered that it's SRK who always makes the film work no matter what director. For starters, i'll just say that the movie is a hardcore entertainer, something i've been dying for in the recent times. I was disappointed with KANK, which is why I din't even write a review on it. But this movie just completely made up for it.

The movie started off great. I won't mention how in this review. But it really was a great way to start off a film like DON. The beginning half an hour and the climax are hands down the best moments in DON. I don't think I should mention the actual story of the film as it'll give away too much. Yes, it is partially a remake of the original don, but not completely. So whoever thinks that they know what they're in for think again, I'll bet you don't know what you're in for. Atleast not till the intermission. I wont lie, the movie's pace did slow down just a notch towards the end of the first hour but then once the story actually takes off it's just one hell of a roller-coaster ride. It's not that there's just a twist at the climax. There's unexpected surprises even before that.

The movie just had it's own different style and look. I'm pretty sure many are expecting it to be hollywood style but that is untrue. It is not a rip off of any hollywood action sequences nor does it have the typical bollywood feel except for once or twice. The movie has it's own very unique feel for which I think the credit mainly goes to the editing, the location and the screenplay. I was afraid that the editor might get carried away with the film's style and have horrible transitions between scenes like Ek Ajnabi (which was also shot in malaysia) did. But no, the film has been put together just right. When you leave the cinema everything about the film just feels right.

Towards the second half of the film people will think some sequences din't make sense but it will all make sense in the end. It is a very smart film and requires patience to get the audience into a grip, which I think is the best thing about DON. This is hands down Farhan's best work so far. I'm not being biased just because i'm an SRK fan. I absolutely loved Dil Chahta Hai but I genuinely think this is his best work so far. It can easily be made out that a lot of time and effort has been spent on every step of production. Pre-production, production and post production, all have been organized rightfully and it is clearly made out. Otherwise it is just impossible to make a film like DON within the time that the film has actually been made. The cinematography is excellent. Bollywood has got this annoying habit of always showing unnecessary establishment shots of the foreign locations they shoot at. I have always noticed this and was very glad that it was'nt the same case with DON. They have used malaysian locations only because the movie needed to be set there. It lends a big hand in the whole look and feel of DON and you don't realise that till you give it a thought once the movie is over. I loved the colors of the film. I usually have complaints regarding why movies don't spend proper time on color correction. DON shows what a big difference color correction can make to the overall feel of the film. It has this excellent high contrasted and a decrease in saturation look. This personally made me very happy as i'm always critical about such small things. But i'm very happy to say that i'm just all praise about the film, visually as well as technically.

The dialogues were nice. Not really clapworthy but the problem was that they gave the best dialogues only to SRK. They should've penned good dialogues for all characters but they were just good. But it was still great because some of shahrukh's one liners were brilliant. Especially his trademark "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai".

The songs were absolutely magical on the big screen. My favourite's being Main Hoon Don and Khaike Paan Banaraswala. These 2 were exceptional. Yeh mera dil was nice too but it was a bit too sudden i think. The don theme and Don Revisited kept on playing every now and then in different tempo's adding to a great background score. But Main Hoon Don looked so grand on the big screen. Girls are sure to drool during this one. Whereas I loved SRK's energy in Khaike which was also brilliantly choreographed.

Coming to the performances, do i really need to mention how great SRK is? His performance literally plays with your mind. First as the dangerous Don, he is so evil and so arrogant that you just feel like punching him in the face! His dialogues really terrify his enemy, and he really gets to you but the enemy has no option but to shup up and obey, or else "Don ki sabse badi galti hai ki woh Don ka dushman hai". Whew, a really stubborn, arrogant and evil Don. then there's the lovable Vijay who's dialogue delivery and actions just always end up putting a smile on your face. Like I mentioned before, his performance really plays games with your mind. You'll know what i mean once you watch the film. 2 great SRK's essaying their characters with such deliverance, that you'll literally not be able to love one character more than the other. I guarantee that. And you'll see what I actually mean only after the movie ends. Priyanka chopra looks unbelievably hot and enacts her part competently. Isha koppikar is hardly there and is okay whenever she appears. Boman Irani is brilliant! Loved his character and loved his acting even more. Hope to see a lot more of him with SRK in the future. Kareena Kapoor delivers not as an actor, but as a dancer and as a glamour figure. Not much is expected of her acting and she does just fine. Arjun Rampal tried his best to make a mark between such a huge cast and I think he played his role with honesty. he did not try to show as if he's a very important figure in the film and it worked best for him.

Overall, I think DON comes like a storm and completely blows you away in a time when bollywood has really hungered an entertainer like such for a long time now. The special effects were A Grade and the stunts and action sequences are the kind not seen in bollywood before. They have not been blown out of proportion like some of the recent releases because they din't get too carried away with the technology. I feel very proud to say that it is a sure shot blockbuster and it is an all out winner for me. The script is strong, the story is great, the pace is packed within 2 hrs and 45 mins and SRK's performance is just ....He has approached a different style of acting for this one compared to his other action/comedy roles and it works, it really does. I'm surely going to watch it atleast 2-3 times more in the cinema and am definitely going to buy the DVD for repeat viewing. Seriously guys, get ready for DON, build up your expectations, because DON is only going to surpass them.Don't go to the cinemas expecting a classic, go expecting a non stop entertainer. And if anytime midway during the movie you get worried as to where the film is going, just hold on till the end. It is sure to blow you away. A great movie with a great script, performance and climax.

10/10 (not biased, my personal and genuine thoughts)