5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Don.. catch me if u can .. this movie was better than the old don.. i dont get the fact that how u can even think the old don was better..the new one had grt cinematography, excellent malaysia views. superb Srk who gave Don a new young youthful stylish look and the dry humor just killed. The new don is for ppl who love actionn movies and not for who want bollywood masala of the 70s ..this don is fresh and peppy... it had a grt plot and the climax was very true to DON... coz as he says its impossible to catch..
Srk acting was excellent. priyanka was gud and the action sequence were excellent ..i loved the one in the air.. the thing i dint like was the yeh mera dil by kareena .. she just culdnt dance and was a major letdown.. i think all u shuld go watch it....coz Don's back and he is here to stay