0.5 Poor

Dil Diya Hai

Really, what were actors or, more importantly, director Aditya Dutt thinking while scripting the film?

Here is a thought, though. It is a pity that we don't have the Bollywood equivalent of The Razzie Awards honouring Hollywood's worst. For this film would definitely have been in contention to make a clean sweep!

Although the basic idea is interesting, the way director Aditya unfolds the saga is far from convincing. In fact, the film tends to test the patience of the viewer as it inches ahead.Besides a far-from-convincing narrative, the ending of the film which should've been the high point is an absolute letdown, leaving no impact whatsoever.

Besides, there are very few thrilling moments in the film.

The first half is at least entertaing if nothing else. Interval point is among one of the high point when Emraan kidnaps Geeta. But the second half is such a mess. Especially THE WAY Emraan and Geeta run away from the brothel is just hard to digest.

Also, none of the performances really manage to stand out. Emraan tries hard to lend credence to his role, but doesn't really impress. Mithun looks dispassionate and goes through his part mechanically.

Ashmit is strictly okay. Geeta Barsa needs to do something fast with her make up .

Skip the film to preserve your sanity.

rating 0.00001/5