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Dil Bechara Pyaar Ka Maara Movie Review

Dil Bechara Pyaar Ka Maara Movie Rating

Certain films follow the Bollywood formulae to the T. DIL BECHARA PYAAR KA MAARA belongs to this category. It has romance, thrills, music and comedy - every ingredient in the book to entertain the Hindi moviegoer. But the outcome isn't convincing!

DIL BECHARA PYAAR KA MAARA tells the story of three guys - Sanjay [Aslam Khan], a businessman, Vinod [Aman Sondhi], a cricketer and Deepak [Vikaas Kalantri], a singer.

They are in love with Neela [Mallika Kapur], Shree [Jonita Doda] and Sherry [Divya Palat], respectively.

Trouble begins when Neela, a cricket crazy girl, falls in love with Sanjay mistaking him to be a cricketer. Ditto for Shree, who loves music, falls in love with Vinod mistaking him to be a singer, while Sherry, a business reporter, who dreams of marrying a businessman, falls in love with Deepak mistaking him to be a businessman.

The story takes a turn with the arrival of Tundabhai [Rajpal Yadav], an underworld don, who's in love with the three girls. While the three youngsters try to change their profession and personalities to woo the girls, Tundabhai tries to woo them in true underworld style.

DIL BECHARA PYAAR KA MAARA follows the set pattern of formulaic films that can be predicted as the story unfolds. Besides, it's laced with too many songs, which look forced at times. But, to give the credit to the director, it does boast of some entertaining moments, courtesy Rajpal Yadav and Shehzad Khan. They do manage to tickle your funny bone.

However, the story being so predictable, there's not much to excite the viewer. Even the jokes are corny and the one-liners equally unoriginal. Yes, the jokes on the neighbouring country do bring a smile, but they won't gel well at a time when the relations between the two nations are improving. Even the climax, which could've been tackled far more effectively, disappoints.

Director Onkar Nath Mishra makes a fair debut. He shows a flair for light entertainers, but how one wishes he'd worked equally hard on the screenplay, which is also penned by him. However, his choice of the subject is perfect.

Nikhil-Vinay's music is melodious. The title track and 'Masoom Sa Ik Chehra', which have been publicized enough, sound pleasant to the ears. However, an overdose of songs does spoil the effect. Cinematography [Suresh Suvarna] is up to the mark. Action scenes [Parvez Fazal Khan] are functional.

The three boys, Vikaas, Aslam and Aman, enact their parts with enthusiasm. Aslam shows an improvement over his debut film. Vikaas needs to go easy on his expressions. Aman does make an effort, but needs to be polished. Amongst the leading ladies, Divya Palat stands out, while Mallika and Jonita are plain ordinary.

But the star of the show is undoubtedly Rajpal Yadav, who infuses life into the character as also the film. Shehzad Khan [as Chaman Chindi] is competent. They tend to go overboard, but given the genre of the film, you don't really mind.

On the whole, DIL BECHARA PYAAR KA MAARA is an ordinary fare. Releasing the film at a better period would've helped.

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