3.5 Very Good

Dhoom 2

Many scenes will leave u with a question mark on ur faces. Diamond robbery- nobody saw while the diamond was being removed, when did HR came out of museum with so much paint and turned into an old man. Abhishek popping out of no where yet knowing where to follow HR in his helicopter. Mentally prepare urselves its purely a popcorn flick it has to entertain and thats wht it does. Besides D:1 had a heavy doze of indigestible so called stunts, bus flying upside down just bco z john threw his helmet in the way & etc, etc. Wht should v expect from the sequel it will have a HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY doze of such indigestible stunts liked by everyone in the first movie then y its a pain now??? For those who hated the sequel-crying noheavy bikes. Yash raj films declared it several times that D:2 aint about bikes its much moree it has to b diff (so they brought a couple of helicopters that was sure annoying)

Plus points: Hrithik's dance/effort/acting/getups, great choreograpy, marvelous cinematography, Ash-HR scenes/chemistry/dialogues.

Minuses: Touch Me song, bipasha/twin (not needed), Abhishek's beard anddd tummy+helicopter, Uday was getting on mi nerves at sum point.