3 Good

Dhoom 2

dhoom2,the most awaited movie of the year and expectation are high when bollywood is giving hits after hits.2006 is better than lst 6 years

my 1st comment on dhoom2 is "dhoom was better than dhoom2,screenplay of dhoom better than dhoom2"

my 2nd comment"movie belongs to hrithik roshan.on each frontwhethe dance,action or performance,he is fantastic."

my 3rd comment"music of dhoom2 is not as per dhoom.pritam tried his best"

my 4th comment"abhishek has to improve when he stands against charming personality and dancer like hrithik.his performane is good.here, i would like to criticze director because he concentrated on hrithik-ash pair more and not on abhishek,uday.i dont know why bipasha is in this movie"

My 5th comment"making hype is not good for bollywood future.audience is mature now..it is not easy make the fool any longer by trailers or attracting scenes..there should be some substance which appeals to audience"

my 6th and last comment"first part is always better than later one{lage raho munnabhai is an exception}...u can watch dhoom2 for once"

i hope if director wants to make dhoom3,he has to careful about screen-play and characerization...it will good for him,bollywood and audience also"