3.5 Very Good

Dhoom 2

First of all those ppl who r critizing d movie plz stop comparing bollywood to hollywood. Dhoom 2 was a good effort though it was not perfect. This shows d progress of the bollywood. Do bollywood movies needs to b compared to hollywood movies every time. Those who compare it wid hollywood they should also compare the budget of movie and the ticked price they r paying. Plz admit that bollywood grosses a fraction of wat hollywood movies earn, so there is no comparision and wat u expect wid a indian movie wid this kind of budget. But if we look at the effort put, the bollywood is far ahead of hollywood, are hollywood actors so multi talented as indian actors,can hollywood actress do wat all hindi movie actress does. The answer is NO. The ppl who admire hollywood they dont know the real facts. Indian movies manages to make everyone happy wid such a low budget also.

Coming to dhoom 2, it was a fun and great wholesome entertainment. It shows you the dream and u will get along wid the dream. hrithik excels and rest are average. great stunts and visualisation. On the whole movie will b surely a hit if not super hit.

And those guys who criticize dhoom 2 for unrealistic should know that ppl watch movies to see the dreams and artistic creation. If you wanna see real stuffs then go n watch around your bloody streets, you will get the real stuffs. Watch news channels which is full of real murders and robberies. Are the bond movie realistic, was matrix realistic. they r also just a imaginative creation like dhoom 2.

On the whole doom 2 rocks.