2.5 Good

Dhobi Ghat

This is a mediocre film. Kiran Rao could direct this movie just because she is Aamir's wife. I believe there are a lot more talented directors in India. I didn't expect any fun kind of movies, like 3 idiots or Ghajini, I actually love indian low budget kind of movies and expected something like "Aamir" or " Love sex aur dhoka" " Road Movie" ... but it was not.

Dhobi Ghat is not an art house cinema, it has weak script, actually it is just a touristic photograph. Story doesn't go anywhere. No emotions whatsoever.

This movie has Gustavo santaolalla's music and it is great. and with that music and three protagonist crossing each other.. it reminds you BABEL or AMORES PERROS, but I wouldn't want to compare with these great stuff. as I said, there is no strong emotion in Dhobi Ghat,so, you will feel like watching fashionable commercial for 2 hours and after watching Dhobi Ghat, there is nothing left. I have no idea what Kiran Rao wants to tell us.