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Desi Kattey Movie Review

Desi Kattey Movie Rating

Somewhere in the late nineties, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma made a film by the name of SATYA, which eventually gave rise to a new genre of filmmaking which dealt with guns, underworld and likes. This also gave rise to many aspiring filmmakers who jumped onto this bandwagon and tried their hands at this 'genre' of film making. While some failed miserably, some did make their mark in the tinsel town.

This week's release DESI KATTEY is producer cum director Anand Kumar's attempt at how the world of two children working in a pistol factory change when they eventually grow up to be ace sharpshooters. Does Anand Kumar deliver as a filmmaker or does he too joins the ranks of other film makers who have bitten the dust, let's analyze.

This film starts off with the 'made-for-each-other' friendship between the film's two protagonists Gyani (Jai Bhanushali) and Pali (Akhil Kapur). As kids, even though the duo work in a pistol factory, they seem to gettheir kicks by terrorizing the school children with country guns so that they can eat their tiffins! The USP of these two is that they happen to be ace sharpshooters since the word go. As a child, Pali sees an older girl Guddi(Tia Bajpai) and instantly falls in love with her, so much so that, when he grows up, he kills her lover, who is a local goon, and marries her! What the audiences fail to understand here is, while the filmmaker has shown Pali grow up from a child to an adult, age seems to have arrested itself for Guddi, who remains the very same throughout Pali's transformation from a child into a grown up man!

In one fateful incident, Gyani and Pali bump off the most trusted henchman of the highly connected politician Judge Sahab (Ashutosh Rana), who, despite being in jail, manages to call the shots in the outside world. When he gets to know about the killing, he becomes furious and vows to avenge the same. But when he gets to know about Gyani and Pali's dedication towards him (they even call him 'Bhagwaan'), he decides to hire the duo as his topnotch henchmen. As time passes by, one day, the duo gets jailed by the police for a murder that they haven't committed. While Judge Sahab is busy with his election meetings, it is Major Suryakant Rathore (Suniel Shetty) who bails them out as he is fully aware about their sharpshooting skills. On his insistence and a promise to give them a changed life, Gyani and Pali bid good bye to the world of crime and 'upgrade' themselves from country guns to modern day pistols. One day, Gyani and Pali find themselves at a crossroad of their lives when they have to choose between helping Major Suryakant Rathore to achieve his objective or to accept the offer to join Judge Sahab's team, something that had been a long cherished dream for them.

Will the duo betrays Major's faith in them and go back to crime or do they stay back with the Major, and what was Major's actual reason to bail them out of the jail is what forms the rest of the film.

It seems like the film's producer-director Anand Kumar had totally run out of ideas when he was conceptualizing this film, and maybe that's why he ended up creating a royal mash up of many Hindi film plots. How else would you explain the plot of DESI KATTEY looking like a GUNDAY meets CHAK DE INDIA meets a lot of other Hindi films'! The director has to be blamed in totality for DESI KATTEY, which starts off on a slow note in the bearable first half, but gets endlessly stretched in the totally boring, senseless and meaningless second half. There's hardly any moment in the film which is worthy of being cherished. The places where the film scores is because of S.R. Sathish Kumar (photography) and sound (Buta Singh).

As far as the acting is concerned, the lead boys Jai Bhanushali and the debutant Akhil Kapur seem to suffer due to poor script. Looking the camaraderie that they share with each other, it really seems that the two boys love each other more than they love their respective girlfriends. There are places where Jai shines as an actor, while Akhil makes a decent attempt, he will need to work harder on future projects. While Sasha Agha as Paridhi, (who plays Jai's love interest) hams while Tia Bajpai has hardly anything to do in the film. Even the seasoned actors like Murali Sharma, Santosh Shukla and Akhilendra Mishra fail to save this film. All of this leaves us with only one name Suniel Shetty, the actor who carries the full film ably on his shoulders, even though he has not done anything in this film which we haven't seen him so far.

Had the film's writing (Aaryaan Saxena) been watertight, it would have really saved the film from sinking with every passing scene. The same applies to even the film's editing (Bunty Nagi) and action (Jai Singh Nijjar), which is way too loud. While the film's music (Kailash Kher) does have the magical touch of Kailash's voice in a couple of songs, the other tracks are totally an avoidable fare.

All in all, DESI KATTEY is strictly an avoidable fare.

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