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Daroga Ji

Daroga Ramanand (Jairaj) takes over charge of a police station in a small village and makes it clear that he will not tolerate anyone breaking the law. To assert his authority, he has a goon, Girja Maharaj (Yakub), arrested and held for molesting a Malan, Raajni (Nargis). He then rounds up several of Girja's men for trying to abduct Raajni, and they implicate Girja. Raajni falls in love with Ramanand, gets herself hired, cleans and cooks for him. Hoping that he will eventually marry her, she is in for nothing but heartbreak when he gets married to Kaushalya (Neelam). Watch what impact this news has on Raajni as well as on the rest of the village.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)