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Darling Music Review


There was a time when Ram Gopal Varma used to incorporate romantic songs in his films. Rangeela followed by Daud were some of the high points though most of his subsequent films [Satya, Company and countless other 'Factory' productions] didn't really have music as an integral part of the plot. He did attempt at making a 'different' kind of musical with Naach but that didn't motivate many to dance with joy.

One expects the tables to turn with Darling due to simple reason that it is Ram Gopal Varma's joint production with masters of the music world - T Series. With Himesh Reshammiya as the guest composer for 'Tadap Tadap' and Pritam in charge of the rest of the album, one expects a full-on-surprise outing from Darling that has lyrics by Sameer. Surprise it does and a pleasant one at that!

The moment you hear Himesh Reshammiya compose and croon 'Tadap Tadap' in his characteristic high pitch, you know that here is one hit number in the making. A passionate track which has a thumping effect on you in spite of it being paced slowly, 'Tadap Tadap' with Tulsi Kumar as Reshammiya's female partner boasts of good orchestra and arrangements which make it click instantly.

While the song is typical Reshammiya, it is quite unlike what one has heard in a Ram Gopal Varma film! It is this very unique factor which makes you look forward to how the director gets Fardeen Khan and Esha Deol to act on this song. The 'remix version' which follows later in the album is a good club house mix and reminds of countless such versions that one is used to hearing in Sanjay Gupta films. The song picks up pace and with added arrangements to pep up the proceedings, 'Tadap Tadap' only helps in enhancing the retention value of the song. This one is for the dance floors!

From this point on it is Pritam all the way but what one experiences is some real 'hera pheri' here! 'Aa Khushi Se Khud Khushi Kar Le', which was earlier heard in Bhagam Bhag (but not used in the film) is placed again in Darling. But does one complain? Not at all! In fact 'Aa Khushi..' was one of the highlight tracks of Bhagam Bhag and there was always a question mark behind it not being used in the film.

Nevertheless this Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan sung number has a trademark Pritam punch to it with very good potential of going an extra distance if promoted the right away. What makes the number further naughty is the girly chorus in the background that croons in English! Fun only continues with the funky 'remix version' which comes later and justifies it's well deserved place in the album. Play it on!

Though one may not really want to give too much thought into lyrics like 'Aa Khushi Se Khud Khushi Kare', one has to credit Pritam for his zingy westernized arrangements as he fills up the entire song with so many musical instruments that there is hardly any moment to sit back and have a single relaxing moment!

Yet another enjoyable track comes in the form of 'Saathiya' that has Adnan Sami pairing up with Pritam yet again after 'Baatein' [Metro]. A song with melody as it's base, 'Saathiya' has a touch of sonic feel added for an effect that works well for it. The song's strength lies in it's 'mukhda' which has Adnan at his charming best though the subsequent 'antaras' do not have a similar effect. Tulsi Kumar is Adnan's companion in the song though she doesn't have a large part to play in the song.

Now this one really comes as a surprise! 'Akele Tanha' has number of factors which get it noticed. First and foremost the tune is a true blue lounge track with some excellent arrangements making it stand out from the rest. Pritam reinvents himself with this song that moves at a lively pace. Secondly the song belongs to the genre that one expects more in a Bhatt film that the one coming from the house of Ram Gopal Varma. In fact the song reminds of the memorable 'Pee Lene Do' from 'Najayaz'.

Thirdly, the singer at the helm is Tulsi Kumar who after doing hardcore item songs and a few romantic tracks steps into the world of lounge. Fourthly, Sameer's lyrics stay on to be simple yet effective. This one makes for a very good listening!

Prasanna Shekhar, who has been trying to make his presence felt in RGV films after composing a few tracks in 'D' and James, gets yet another opportunity as he composes 'Awaaz Koi'. He gets Priyadarshini to sing for this Sarim Momin written track which could well be termed as theme track of Darling. The number has an out and out haunting feel to it and eerie effect created with an elaborate orchestra is difficult to be missed. Expect a few scary jolts when the song plays in the film's background.

On hearing 'Hasaye Bhi Rulaye Bhi' one seriously starts wondering that RGV would be thinking while picturising the song. No, the song is not bad at all. In fact it is easily one of the best of the enterprise and has sugar coated romance written all over it. The only difficult thing to digest is RGV's acceptance for a song like this since he has traditionally been known to avoid anything like belonging to such genre in the past.

Shaan just stays on to be the Shaan we have known him over the years and he makes sure that the feeling of love is in the air as he croons 'Hasaye Bhi' along with Tulsi Kumar. An entertaining track that reminds one of many such melodious songs crooned by Kishore Kumar in the past, it deserves to be on air soon.

The fun only continues with the 'remix version' which doesn't go overboard with the beats and instead has a good club feel to it. No, this one is not for you to dance along. Instead it makes you sip your drink as you wait for the DJ to give you a breather before beginning another cracker of a number.

One has to pat RGV on his back for allowing T-Series to follow their own course of music making for Darling while concentrating primarily on the film making. This is the reason why the soundtrack of Darling turns out to be very unlike RGV! Darling is a good album that thoroughly entertains while it is on. Whether it is Reshammiya's 'Tadap' or Pritam's 'Aa Khushi', 'Hasaye Bhi Rulaye Bhi', 'Akele Tanha' or 'Saathiya' - each of them contribute in making Darling a melodious one hour album.

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