2 Average


Nothing extra-ordinary. It is just the right kind of promotion that has given such a start to Dabangg. But from second week itself collections would drop and drop drastically. Editing is the biggest culprit here. I mean there are some movies which are made smartly like 'Kaminey', direction is superb and story moves swiftly. You can't just make a slow ( or absence of ) story to look as if it is moving fast by abrupt editing. I never really got involved in the movie as I felt some pieces are kept together and shown to us. Pathetic editing. Roles of all great actors like Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar, Anupam Kher and even Sonakshi and Mahi Gill are cut badly. It is like showcasing what Salman can do. No story and plenty of loose ends. Also all the good scenes are already shown in promos. 15 different promos of a two hours movie ?! And most of the reviewers I think they get influenced by some bollywood personalities and give ratings which a movie really does not deserve. It is strictly an average movie.