4 Very Good


Watched the movie on friday night show and it feels bad that i cant say its great(though i can watch it any number of times being his AC since long..pun intended;).. Seems to be another masala movie like WANTED,kind of same action(apna Rajnikant Style,never mind public doesnt like serious action now a days..whatever bhai carries it off with Style....) Dabbang is like WANTED in terms of storyline..Masala Movie..little romance..little tragedy...little emotions...comedy and lot of action.. I think it lacked comedy part otherwise its entertainment at its best.. To be frank it was all whistling from the start(and why not its BHAI after all..the only LARGER THAN LIFE star i know)...and pheewwwwwww the whistles go madning with munni badnam hui...entertainment at its best i say.. The movie reminds me of happy ending action movies of 80s which have kind of become extinct,but can NEVER go out of fashion..