3 Good

Cocktail??but of what friendship,emotions,love??watch the film to find out what sort of cocktail is there in the film.the film starts with a bang with some beautiful introductory scenes of all three protagonists.the first half of the film is outstanding.none of the comedy film must have made you laugh so much as much the first half of Cocktail does.Saif is brilliant in the best comic scene of the film Dimple and Boman give good support to him along with Deepika and Diana.first half leaves a good impression on us and you feel that the movie is worth our money.then second half starts and the pace of the film drops like anything.it looks more like a music video and less like a film.all the fun which was there in first half is completely missing in the second half.Saif Ali Khan was at his best he proves that he is the Dark Horse of this industry and that he can also do well.Deepika Padukone surprises everyone with her performance.she makes you believe that this role was meant for her and her only.Diany Penty should think of something else.she is pathetic at emotional scenes barely 1 or 2 scenes where she has done a good job.Homi Adjania tried his level best to do something different but this ones turns out to be a normal triangle love story.music is good all songs are very good.watch this one if you are really interested to know what is there in the movie else the film can be easily skipped.