2.5 Good

Chandni Chowk To China

i watched the paid preview of cc2c.lets keep it simple.its not a great movie.but its not as bad as the media projecting it.
first the negatives.
ofcourse direction.i think nikhil advani should take classes on direction before he starts with the next movie.Next comes the script.i wouldn say there was no script.but it was too dramatic.i mean it was ok if u had kept the script simple(remove the twin sister story).becoz the main usp of the movie was its action.
Now the positives.
i can just think only one thing thats Akshay kumar.Watch it for him he is amazing in the movie.
The whole movie belongs to akshay.I agree he does the same kind of stuff again n again but who cares he still makes us laugh.At the end i would say the movie is only for die hard fans of akshay kumar.