0.5 Poor

Chandni Chowk To China

I saw this movie yesterday night and really felt pathetic. I blamed myself for visiting the theatre and patiently watching it for 2.40 hours. Its a sheer waste movie, audiences are taken for granted. I cannot write the story as there is none. Akshay Kumar is totally over the top. In no sense he can be called a king with this movie. Its a shame that he has taken his loyal audiences for a ride and then pushed them from the top. Deepika has nothing to do and is totally lost. Music also is average. The biggest question one can ask is Why was this movie made firstly???
Nikhil Advani needs a serious thinkover as far as his career as a director is concerned. He was better off with Karan Johar.
On the whole not worth wasting your time and money. Instead eat a plate full of Chinese Dish!!!