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Chakradhaar Music Review



Now where did this one come from? One is tempted to exclaim that on seeing the sound-tack of Chakradhaar which has just arrived at the stands. Waiting to hear what composer Anand Raaj Anand and lyricist Sameer Anjaan have in store for the audience, one plays on the album.


Guest composer Jatin Pandit kick-starts the proceedings with 'Har Mod Pe' which belongs to the 90s school of music and turns out to be a passable track at least. A song about this guy who is falling in love and is seeing happiness all around him, 'Har Mod Pe' has Shaan doing well behind the mike. With vintage Jatin-Lalit arrangements to them, the song would be picked up by those who still vouch for the music belonging to the 90s.

Anand Raaj Anand takes over from this point on and for 'Bin Tere' he also brings himself as a singer. Crooning the number in his characteristic style, he actually does well with this love song which has a melodious base to it. Never mind an obvious reference to 'Haan Tu Hai' (Jannat) , especially the part where 'Bin Tere' is sung, one still digs on to the song that has certain innocence to it. 'Desi' arrangements further make the song interesting and you don't really mind giving it a second hearing.

However the interest level is short lived as the item number 'Billori' dilutes whatever little impact that the songs had managed to create so far. With the usual suspect Mamta Sharma (who is turning out to be Sunidhi Chauhan's replacement for songs belonging to this genre) being roped in for this item number that has 'lut gaye banaras ke chore' and stuff alike forming its core basic, 'Billori' also has Anand Raaj Anand giving her some company. The track doesn't work though and one doesn't really get excited enough to revisit it after hearing it once.

Last to arrive is the theme song 'Chakradhaar' which lasts a mere 100 seconds and could well be heard in the opening credit title roll or a crucial point in the film. Sukhwinder Singh is his boisterous self but with lyrics like 'zulm ki aandhi nahi chalegi' and the rest of its ilk, one can well imagine its shelf life (or the lack of it) beyond the play of the film.


If not for fairly decent tracks like 'Bin Tere' and 'Har Mod Pe', Chakradhaar would have been a total downer.


Bin Tere, Har Mod Pe

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